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There are two entry gates at Hampton Club - one for residents (right lane) and one for their visitors (middle lane). The left lane is for traffic exiting the community; there is no code required to leave the community.
All residents must use the resident lane to enter the community by holding their gate card up to the card reader or using a gate fob/remote to click in. Residents should not use the visitor code to enter the community.
All residents should have a visitor code set up to conveniently allow their visitors and deliveries into the property. Each unit has a unique visitor code that doesn't change. To change the phone number on file for the visitor code, please submit the completed Gate Code Modification Form to the office.
        To allow visitors through the gate:
              - Instruct all visitors to come to the MIDDLE gate at the entrance of the community.
              - Once at the gate have your visitor enter your 3 digit code in the keypad box.
              - When your phone rings, answer it like a normal call. You will be able to talk to your visitor.
              - Once you verify that it is someone you are expecting, press "9" on your phone and the gate will open. If your cell phone reception is poor, you may need to press "99" on your phone keypad.
Leased Units:
If you have decided to lease your unit, we recommend the following: 
    - The unit owner should always have a permanent way to access the community, even if it is leased and managed by a third party.
    - If you hire a manager to manage the property on your behalf, you should provide them with a permanent way to access the community (with a gate card or fob) in the event they need to let themselves, a contractor, or prospective tenant in.
    - We do not recommend relying on a tenant to be able or willing to grant access with their visitor code.  
    -All authorized residents should be provided with a permanent way to access the community when they take possession of the unit (along with front door keys and mailbox keys). Residents should not exclusively use the visitor gate to enter the community. Some managers find it helpful to hold a "Gate Device Deposit" in the event that a resident fails to return their device at move-out.
    -We recommend maintaining a log of gate device numbers you have issued for your unit. In the event that a resident does not return the device that was issued to them upon move-out, owners/managers will be able to deactivate the card they issued to the resident and replace it for the new resident. 
   - In the event that a unit is vacant and the owner/manager does not intend to meet their visitors on-site to allow access to the unit (to supervise contractors, tour rental units, etc.) they can utilize the visitor code to allow gate access remotely by submitting the Gate Code Modification Form until the new resident moves in.
New Owners: When you purchase your unit, the sellers should provide you with their gate devices to access the property when they provide the door/mailbox keys at closing. If they do not provide you with gate devices, you may purchase new ones by submitting the completed Gate Pass Application to the onsite office (along with payment of $50 per card you wish to purchase). 
Gate Device Pricing (Max 4 devices per unit):
Gate Remotes/Fobs are available for $75.00.
Lost or Extra Gate Cards are available for $50.00
Damaged cards can be replaced for $25.00 if you bring the damaged card into the site office.
*Payments for gate devices are accepted in the onsite office. Only payments made in money orders/certified funds will be accepted (excluding Navy Federal money orders). Checks can only be accepted from unit owners. Cash can never be accepted.