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Additional Gate Cards are available for $50.00. Remotes are available for $75.00.
To receive a new gate pass please fill out the Gate Pass Application and bring/send the completed form along with payment in the form of money order to the management office (Navy Federal Money Orders cannot be accepted.
To add/change the phone number on file for the visitor gate, the please bring/send the completed Gate Pass Modification Form  to the office.
To allow visitors through the gate:
  • Instruct all visitors to come to the MIDDLE gate at the entrance of the community.
  • Once at the gate have your visitor enter your 4 digit code in the keypad box.
  • When your phone rings answer it like a normal call. You will be able to talk to your visitor. Once you verify that it is someone you are expecting, press "9" on your phone and the gate will open. If your cell phone reception is poor, you may need to press "99" on your keypad.
When leaving the community, leave through the EXIT gate only. There is no code required to leave the community.